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“Micro-Point Stimulation (MPS) can produce superior results over traditional pain therapy techniques in a fraction of the time. All without drugs, side effects, pads or gels.”

Electronic Acupuncture Without Needles.


John Catanzaro, MPS Specialist, Pain & Scars Management



Pain Relief

“John was referred to me and my wife, Dolores, by our Cardiologist, Dr. Nathan Segal, who had used the professional services of John Catanzaro for himself and his wife and was very pleased with the results of less pain and discomfort for the both of them. I used him for pain relief and rehabilitation and was able to walk out of a wheel chair to a walker and at present being able to walk normally without any additional aid. John has been very caring and compassionate in caring for my wife and myself. I have responded in a very positive manner to the Electrical Non-invasive Acupuncture and Physical Therapy care that John has administered. I highly recommend John as a certified Physical Therapist and Electrical Acupuncturist.”

—Dr. Sanford L. Ziff, Founder of Sun Glass Hut,  Philanthropist,  Miami Beach, FL



"I received treatment from my brother John because I had a severe case of Shingles. I ended up in the hospital thinking it was a heart attack.  I had excruciating pain in my chest, and was taking a medication prescribed by my doctor. The treatment I received was excellent, and I began seeing a tremendous improvement after the first treatment. It took several treatments for me to be completely pain free, and it was worth it. There aren't enough words to express my gratitude towards my brother John. I didn’t know where to turn. He really helped me get through this difficult time."

—Bruce Catanzaro, CEO / President,  AtlantiCare Home Health Service, Boynton Bch, FL


Hip Replacement

Anterior Hip Replacement - Bilateral

“I have been a PT for over 28 yrs. After having an anterior hip replacement on both of my hips, I was left with some stubborn scars along with some tightness in my hips when I walked. I used my skills as a seasoned therapist by performing deep friction massages regularly to release these scars, but to no avail. After only a few treatments with John’s Electronic Acupuncture I couldn’t believe the improvement, not only with my hips, but the scar itself. The scars became very soft and supple which allowed me to be able to move more freely, without that tightness. He accomplished in a few sessions what I was not able to accomplish with months of therapy. He uses no needles, and the treatments were very effective. John has also been working for me as a Physical Therapist Assistant since Dec 2009. I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the results on myself, I have referred many patients to John for many different conditions such as back pain, knee pain and spinal stenosis. He is very professional and knowledgeable as a therapist, and I highly recommend his services.”

 —Sol Schulman, PT, CEO,  Precision Rehab, LLC.  Ft. Lauderdale, FL.



“I suffered with my C-section for over 10 years, and throughout those years I had extremely painful monthly cycles. I would end up in bed for a week or two weeks every month before my monthly would even begin. I was taking 1000 mg of pain killers daily to no avail. My ObGyn said that I had Endometriosis, and that I needed a complete hysterectomy. That was not an option for me. I found JohnCat, and he treated me with his Electronic Acupuncture. Now I am pain and symptom free for over 5 years. Thanks JohnCat”.

—Vicki Daverau, PT,  (Certified Physical Therapist), Weston, FL.


 “I have had my C-section for over 60 years and have always had pain deep in my abdomen area when I go up stairs and sometimes when I bare down. I thought that this was normal for all C-Sections, and never did anything about it. JohnCat was referred to me by my doctor for Physical Therapy, and after finding out about my condition he treated my C-Section. JohnCat treated me several times over a period of 1 month, and now I have no more pain. My C-section feels much smoother and looks so much better. It doesn’t itch anymore either. Thanks for all your hard work. I recommend anyone with a C-section to have JohnCat work with you to release it”

—Carmen Puente, Miami Beach, FL.



“I had a breast reduction over 8 months ago, and I had numbness and no feeling in either breast.  I came highly recommended to JohnCat from a friend of mine. He was very professional, and worked with me for about 3 weeks. After my first session with him, he said that it would take some hours for the treatment to take effect. Later that night I started having incredible sensations back in both my breasts. It soon started to ease after a few hours. It took about 5 sessions until the feelings remained permanent throughout each breast. I now have full feeling in both. The Keloid scar on my right breast is completely gone also, and the scars look and feel better and are much softer. I can’t thank you enough.”

—Carmen Cavadius, Ontario, Canada


Pacemaker Incision

Pacemaker Incision With Keloids Constantly Itching –

“I have had this painful and constantly itching scar on my chest following my pace maker surgery 5 years ago. JohnCat was recommended to me by my doctor, Dr. Oliver DiPietro. I went to my doctor’s office where JohnCat treated me and my scars. I was monitored for any adverse reactions to JohnCat’s machines, and there were none throughout the treatment. I had several Keloids throughout my scar, and it would constantly itch. JohnCat released my scar, and I now have much less itching and its less bothersome and less tight. I have been looking for something to relieve this frustrating condition for so long now. I can’t thank you enough, JohnCat. I would recommend this to anyone having this condition.”

—Albert Tricome, Miami Beach, FL


Breast Augmentation

“I had no feeling in my breasts after my surgery for over 6 yrs as well as another issue. After my 1st treatment with Electronic Acupuncture, I started to regain my feeling back. Now I have full feeling throughout, and the scars are smoother. Thank you, JohnCat”.

—Jennifer Miller, Seattle, WA


All testimonials are from actual patients. No remuneration or compensation was given to any patient for their participation or testimonial

John Catanzaro, MPS Specialist, Pain & Scars Management